basking in the truth of roses

concentrating on the sidewalks rushing beneath my feet

i watched as the static doused my reality with turpentine

-as if the clouds suddenly burst into fragrant fumes of loss

stinging each desperate breath, i swallowed hard,

hoping that the bitterness would devour any pain

releasing all regrets of what could have been


anchoring myself to the depths of the forgotten abyss

ceasing all chance at happiness and hopes of ahead


i found the roses carved between the cracks

[oh how the crimson branded tired grey eyes]

standing in between the sidewalks

i sunk into the sea of the hardest truths

tugging for the pavement – seemingly too tall to grasp


i melted within the waves of the crimson sea

and each soured drop of truth blanketed my simple soul,

diverting the sidewalk into freedom


i cannot laugh, for clocks have not yet faded

nor can i bathe in the unknown,

in fear of unmarked pages wearing thin;

instead i ponder crimson roses

finding beauty in their thorns


basking in the truth of roses


β€œIt is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” – Dr. Carl Sagan


the foreverness of pavement

i saw a snail marching across the driest pavement

staring was all i could help but do

lost, i became, in the grace with which it left behind

a trail of iridescence


my presence neither feared nor hurried his march

for he knew only, not the end of the pavement



comfort, he finds in death; none but a machine finds pleasure in the foreverness of pavement.