even in the silence of the wilderness; thrive

unrely on ignorant accusations,

for only they color poisonous thoughts with blissful fantasies and grand delusions

[stroked with delicate precision of ink tainted with heartaches blood]

marked unfit for those thriving nakedly under the truthful sun



deception, which can feed never on the freedom,

of those sincere in seeking all which cannot fade,

will touch you if you let it



even in the silence of the wilderness; thrive


oh, the beauty of the freedom found in loneliness

and there, beyond the vacant hills of a lovers reach

rests a freedom so profound and enlightening

it’s hands wrap lullabies around hopeless fantasies

bursting listless bubbles, too heavy to take flight,

as the soft clay comforts the silhouette of aching feet

they sprinkle salt upon fresh wounds, only to find

that the unpleasant sting births a joy so vast and immeasurable

no darkness could outweigh the depths of the light within

bewildered by a love so unexpected it leaves you dry, praying,

for the morning dew to quench a thirsty mouth


a love discovered only in the depths of a shattered mirror


how the wind rushes through each feather as you

soar above the safety held from dirt and stones


oh, the beauty of the freedom to be found in loneliness