She tagged me!

YES, it is true, there is a fun game of TAG YOU’RE IT roaming around and Dolly of All About Lemon just tagged me.

The Rules.

1.  Answer your tagger’s questions asked in their post and use your imagination to create eleven new questions to ask the one’s you have tagged or recycle previous questions if you must.

2.  Tag eleven [or more] people and link them on your post.

3.  Show you care and tell them that they have officially been tagged [i mean, if you’re going to tag someone you probably should let them know]

All About Lemon’s Questions.

1.  Why do you blog?  Since I was a little girl I have always had a secret dream to somehow bring about change in this world, most importantly on how people view themselves and how priceless every individual is.  Blogging is not about me, it is about taking my life’s experiences and painting a picture with words, giving others a chance to relate, dare to dream, cry, debate or simply mutter “DAG-NAB-IT THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!”

2.  Are you happy?  Honestly, yes.  My mistakes and experiences have opened my eyes to the realization that I can make my own happiness.  When things happen and make me feel sad, though hard, I change my perspective and ask why, what can I do better, and that everything happens for a reason.  I spent too much time being unhappy, so I choose to be happy.

3.  Do you feel you are loved?  I know I am loved.

4.  What are your dreams?  Have a family, make someone feel beautiful, help others to embrace and love themselves bare of worldly influence – simply to change the world [i dream big].

5.  Describe yourself in six words.  Loving, passionate, intelligent, driven, stubborn, curious.

6.  What is your favorite animal and why?  Bird, who doesn’t want to fly.

7.  If you like to have a pet, what kind of animal would it be and why?  Dog, they are the most loving and loyal fur kids.  Plus i’ll always have someone [yes i said someone] to listen.

When you read these following words, what comes to your mind in an instant and why?

8. FOREST – Controlled forest fires, because the other day I taught my four year old cousin how “professionals” burn trees down to stimulate growth and renew forests [of course in kid terms].  Although I am not particularly interested in the subject, I like the analogy; we are continuously put through the fire to be refined.

9.  SEA – Home, I have always lived at the beach and have been blessed to be able to see it everyday.

10.  COFFEE – Stanley [my best friend] because we always get and/or make coffee together and our coffee excursions have led to some interesting things, situations, conversations, and people, lol.

11.  Are you happy with my questions and glad that I tagged you?  I am happy with the questions [made me use the brain] and even happier Dolly tagged me.

YES, I DID IT! I am not too fond of odd numbers  so here are the twelve I tagged….


Bucket List Publications

The Middle Sister

The Heart Of Art

plain steam rice

The Way I Live Naturally

Poetry by Johny Andle

Karina Heneghan

I Am Not Defined

Noisy Pilgrims

1 Smiles

Aurora Morealis

Have Fun!!!

My curiosities [questions].

1.  Who are you (not what you do, who you are)?

2.  What was your biggest or simplest mistake and what did you learn from it?

3.  Have you genuinely smiled at a complete stranger today?

4.  Growing up, did you ever have an imaginary friend?

5.  What are you most afraid of and why do you think that is (fish, commitment, love, spaghetti, etc.)?

6.  If you could trade lives with anyone, would you?  If so, who and why (is it always greener on the other side)?

7.  What if all the clocks on the earth suddenly vanished, would you care?

8.  Would you rather be a Dinosaur or a Woolly Mammoth and why?

9.  Who or what, simple or complex, has impacted and altered your entire perspective?

10.  Do you believe in Heaven? (If not, do you believe in Hell)?

11.  If you could tell one person (random or not) what would you tell them (advice, forgiveness, funny joke, i love you, i am sorry, i love turtles, don’t walk in dark alleys, kiss me, etc.)?

12.  Do you believe?



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