the rareness of a genuine smile – RIP Steve Hartman

the rareness of a genuine smile - RIP Steve Hartman

i could always count on this smile- never once let me down.

Hey Steve,
  I have been waiting for your call this week, we were going to see each other for the first time in a year.  We have both seen each other at our worst and our best and if it wasn’t for you kicking my ass out of your birthday Vegas trip to go back home to go to rehab, I am not sure I would be here to say that your beautiful, genuine and smiling soul helped save my and countless others lives.  You taught me that when we fall, we pick our asses up because the beauty and joy life has to offer is priceless and saving.
  Remember that day about a week after we got out of rehab you brought me flowers because you wanted to show me how proud you were of me [sweetheart] and we just sat on the beach lost in it’s beauty.  Like i’ve said to you before, you truly are a rare breed and the life you led here brightened and altered too many souls to be counted.  I am honored to have had such an incredibly rare soul in my life.  Now you can rest in true eternal peace and serenity.
Today, Steve, I am so grateful for your life and that it crossed with mine.
I love you Bumblebee.
                  I’ll be seeing you.


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