l-o-v-e spelled in glass beads

radiating off the swollen path she caught a glimpse of a laden willow

stumbling out of the darkness, stripped of threads, too worn to call home

She stood, illuminated beyond the glimmer reflecting from the moon

casting tired leaves convinced to dance quietly amongst the darkness


whispering tenderly against her ear, She harmonized softly with the wind

opening her eyes to set foot beneath Her arms, She called her in [she came]

and nestled in Her roots, etching a single word, scarring deep into the ground

the only thing she somehow kept tucked away, delicately tied in a bow, hidden in her heart

holding tightly to the hopeless thread, spelling l-o-v-e in glass beads, She gently swayed

her into letting go, as they shattered into earth’s blanket, marked with a single tear

releasing love into the roots of the universe providing freedom, captivating, tangible

to a simple girl, nestled beneath the willow


finding comfort in hopes of giving to be found


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