goodbyes settle more often than hellos

i felt the pandemonium protruding from each relentless wave

as it echoed and took flight, shattering all separation

-separation from a kiss so unexpected it churned calamity into bliss


beneath the veil of lights, fragile lips painted sweetness upon each confounding breath

droplets drifted from the heavens plunging so delicately

finding comfort upon the radiance of two souls

wandering amongst the frequency in youthful desires


momentarily, all loneliness slipped between the greenest blades;

birthing a seed of hope

and for an instance i believed

[insanity often blankets my bright eyes into fantasies and disillusions

simply meant to fill a simple mans fancy]


for a moment

the cosmos swiftly rendered flavorless lips

into a kiss radiant with glimpses of immaculate wonder


goodbyes settle more often then hellos

so gravity gently tugged me back into reality:

darling is content with the freedom framed in youth

despite the pure and endless laughter

found between a simple girl

and a dazed fellows kiss


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