curses of the dragon and heartache

betrayed by my own indifference’s

i am tethered to the chaotic bliss

of questions i dare not ask

[for quiet fear] of answers that may sever

the very thread which poisons my heart


i recall the intense release

driven by the madness of the dull needle

you plunged within my veins

opening my eyes to a darkness so selfish,

it remains unspoken


i cringe at the memories,

wishing i had known then

what i bleed for now


cursed by the dragon

cursed by the heartache

you politely caressed me with,

sulking in every syllable

which once left me breathless


i am cursed by the curse of the inability to open my worn heart and set you free

[for this, i can only blame myself]


3 thoughts on “curses of the dragon and heartache

  1. Some insight for a better understanding: The very first Illicit puncture of a needle driven into my veins was skillfully done by a lonely fellow – the most gifted musical prodigy I’ve ever met. Following a long period of sobriety, the decision to catch up and indulge in our passion for piano playing and music quickly spun into the first man to capture my heart whole. He is cursed by the fear of letting go and fear of real, tangible, raw feelings of love. Leaving me cursed with the madness of the dragon [heroin] and the heartache of love for the first time, now misplaced. I cannot let go.


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