and all at once the world stopped

and there she stood.

so magnificent, even the stars paused at her beauty.

how the ocean breeze softly swept between each curl and she swayed under the shadow of the waning moon.

the shadow which carried her dreams, as time in a bottle.


stripped. her toes crinkled beneath the briny sand.

each crash of every powerful wave displayed her youth as she swayed.


she took off, as a bird in flight, she soared beyond the teeth of dragons, she perched among the clouds

and how perfect everything looked from far away.


how translucent each blunder slowly became, misting, floating away into the nothingness.

no longer perplexed as each misplaced puzzle piece, yet they slowly crawled to mold into a ruby crown of kisses and smiles that could never be replaced with diamonds and vanity.


separated from all sanity, she leans in to kiss the stars.

how bright they shine for those who believe – in all things impossible.


and all at once the world stopped to watch her dance across the sky.




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