lovely is the girl of polished diamonds

lovely is the girl with golden locks and seashells

furnishing diamonds with her glamor of youth

how beautiful she rises from coins valued beyond

the very breath sustaining a life devoid of substance

can you not taste the bitterness guarding her tongue

can you not feel the shallow heart which pounds so loud

she fears quiet murmurs will expose a polished masquerade

demeaning a precious soul longing for exquisite lies

can you not establish your head from your heart, sir,

or does fear arrest your faith in self worth and

the most genuine love that surely awaits your drained vessel

can you not see past the veil of beauty and lights

where only but a pile of bones rest in the loneliness of riches


coins and beauty fade, my dear,

but simplicities that speak life into a restless soul

never diminishes a genuine heart


a simple girl swimming in hopes too high





“Nothing gold can stay” -Robert Frost


4 thoughts on “lovely is the girl of polished diamonds

  1. What’s this rating thing?! How can anyone rate a poem? Let alone with one star! Anyway I was looking to cull my blog visit list, found this – its too good. I’ll be back.


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