for a lonely man to see a dream he cannot dream

tonight i’ll watch the clouds, he said

whispering of chaotic syllables to the darkness

easier to hide from hopes of hopelessness

when shadows are but vaguely noticed

teetering between restless memories

of a pretty girl once called love and roses

possibilities float as bubbles of unbelief

in a singular soul to rest a lonely mans heart

so calloused even thorns ache for letting go


but, darling have you not seen the stars

and how they rise each night to dance

with such magnitude you have become blinded

that they solely shine for you


many souls can intertwine and find comfort

in the beauty of elegant hopes laced in loss

yet only there is but a single soul

to keep your heart open to love and grander things

not only for a moment, only for forever


so love, do not let the clouds take hold

of the black that allows you to see the light

do not let the thunder lie to your dreams

do not let the indecisive wind determine your course

sail forward in hopes knowing, there is but one soul

to open your tired heart


just as the stars await each night to shine for you

so she waits behind the clouds





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