i know of a place

i know of a place where

loss melts into shards of color,

and time seizes each drop of snow

painting a mosaic of a life [living]

worth every dull and bruised knife

of each battle, almost tossed

into the crimson sea,

furnishing every hope misplaced


it becomes so easy

[to harden the flesh, so weak]

bringing death to each realization

that dangled beneath splintered branches

severing the strands, so delicate,

which fused eternity together

restless and dizzy

resulting from the bitter taste of ruby apples


a place sheltered in masked shadows

revealed only to those who

swallow truth and spit out the bliss,

birthed in ignorance,

accounting for the reality

despite suffering as each wave

destroys the castles of youth

visioned in the sand



no longer a child stands in the light

of darkness and barren shores, rather

entertained by the truth and realization,

though not as supple and moist,

each step backwards

tenderly shakes the unbalance of gravity,

rendering all loss of hope distant


awakening your tired eyes

to the possibility that perfection, flawed,

is discovered amidst the crusades,

conducting a symphony of sound

amongst the brilliant noise of chaos

i know of a place where love resides

i know of a place where

(you and i)



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