insanities deceptions

i know the past lays just as bitter

as the mistakes of our insanity

driving ourselves into the very hell

to which we despicably cringe

and have somehow [despite the odds] escaped


the deception, etches deeper

as we let each false pretense

slowly consume every blessing

swaying us from the truth

into a reality of darkness


choices, we have all made them

some more heinous than the rest

still, though every blunder pollutes each hope

time and perseverance repair

and molds us into a firm, solid soul


suffering we have laid upon the ones we love

is easy to escape through sorcery

and perfectly perfected cocktails of death,

but either path leaves us with the same results,

a dreadful past and a grueling road ahead


the only process that heals

tortuously burns us as we stumble through the fire,

melting away every ounce of dross

only to refines us as pure as gold

malleable, but no longer dosed with impurity



Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

-Albert Einstein



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