love, so resilient

somewhere, i know you hear me

laden with useless thoughts

that have led you only to believe

of that which was otherwise the truth


swollen, drenched in pearls of clouded judgment

have you not, yet, separated black with white

laced with gingered satin between syllables

vexed with your head and heart


uncertain as to which way the wind will blow

instead of plucking the very soul from within you

you rapture beneath those who delight in your laugh

contending with every breath that gives life


can you not see beyond the grassy hills

into the rich meadows where you once danced

[twirled] when time was irrelevant, insignificant

where, a singular moment, two hearts were woven into one


we have somehow collided so gracefully

glimpses of sunlight burn through your hardened pain

and melt away each touch of fear that bound you from freedom

leaving you whole, tangible


as the vine buds from one season to the next

and as the universe trims each lifeless branch

each loss will soon be forgotten

mending every torn thread, limp and undone


compelling your eyes to finally see

what your heart has whispered to you [softly]

embracing each young seed, that roots

deep within your soul, rising to a mighty tree



(love you’re fighting a lonely battle you have pursued

through distortions of the past, which can never be

sorted through. pushing away each diamond, though flawed,

projects a perfect prism, of which none other is the same.

stand beside me. we can laugh beneath the moon, and bask

in its glorious halo; falling further into untouchable love.)



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