but, the alternative is loneliness

RECKLESS, i know

to let you doctor the very heart

that sustains each breath

which gives and takes

the simple life i have been dealt


but no more is the risk

than that of a simple flight

of the bird that soars

beyond the safety of his flock

into a tactless journey


aware that a swift breeze

can cause him to plummet

into the very abyss

that framed his life

restricting every chance at happiness


captured in the freedom of knowing

unlike the stinging taste of the unknown

to which can never be satisfied

a life pressed with questions

only attained through safety


settling for second best

living the very life that

leaves you gasping for air

as you awake from a nightmare, choking

though that nightmare is your reality


so i, willingly place my heart

into your flawed supple, palpable hands

and take a chance on finding the simple treasure

that will sustain our lives

beyond human comprehension


a love so attainable

even the grave could not undo

an instance

of anything, to which nothing

can compare


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