chasing lovers loves

we were hopelessly doomed in a trench so deep

that even love couldn’t save us (then)

adults, were we, lost in the waterfall

chasing down the spiral towards hell

(knocking on hells door, begging to be let in)

and still we sat, eyes locked

before the puncture

before the blood

before we faded away from all reality

before you looked me in the eyes and reassured me with the best you knew – it would be okay

we trusted each other in our discomforts

i laid out my arm to the best doctor in town

and you fixed me

not with the regret

nor the potion

or loss of all consciousness

but with the look in your eyes that never left me satisfied

until now

what was is that kept you hidden somewhere deep in my heart

that left me wanting you

(not the us lost in the dragon)

but the glimpse of us, that existed if merely a moment

where timed slipped

and never let us go



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